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Undefeated Staff 

We strive to hire the best camp staff in the city of Calgary! Undefeated staff members will go through face to face interviews and attend training sessions that will provide them the necessary skills to make this camp great! All staff must provide a police check.


We strive to ensure our camp staff are motivated, energetic and committed to provide every camper with a positive, enjoyable, and safe atmosphere while gaining knowledge in soccer, team based activities and overall leadership!

How to Apply

Camp Counsellor

Please forward your resume to Include the position you are applying for in the subject heading (Supervisor, Counsellor or Volunteer). You will be provided with the following steps of the hiring process once we receive your resume. 

Duties include:

  • Plan and structure a daily morning program that will include soccer skills and games appropriate to a summer camp

  • Supervise and teach soccer skills to a group of a specific age range (approximately 8-13 campers)

  • Participate in the games and skills with the campers when appropriate

  • Be a positive role model for all campers by being attentive, hard-working, punctual and energetic about Undefeated Soccer Camp

  • Spends time with the campers during snack and lunch time, ensuring the campers are enjoying their food and cleaning up after themselves

  • Ensure campers are safe during participation in activities; this includes proper rest, water, shade and sunscreen breaks

  • Understanding of any individual issues & needs with your campers in your group

  • Able to build a positive relationship with campers

  • Must be able to work in a team setting with other employees, this includes assisting in planning group or whole camp activities.

  • Able to help supervise and organize activities including the afternoon swim

  • Participate in the daily swim with the campers

  • Build a safe atmosphere for all campers and ensure they follow the daily routine

  • Ensure campers are aware of their belongings

  • Being confident in communicating with parents and giving proper feedback regarding campers on a regular basis

Camp Supervisor

Duties include:

*Duties of a camp supervisor includes duties of a camp counsellor plus the following:


  • Manage, oversee and assist the activities planned by Camp Counsellors

  • Able to motivate and set a positive atmosphere to a team of counsellors and volunteers

  • Be comfortable assigning responsibilities to staff members

  • Manage problems and concerns that may arise with campers, staff and parents

  • Be confident communicating with parents and providing feedback

  • Ensure campers are equipped with the proper size t-shirt and soccer ball

  • Communicate with Undefeated Soccer Camp owners on a regular basis


Being a volunteer will develop your personal growth and you will give a sense of reward. Becoming a volunteer is open to anyone that is interested in working with children and seeing how a summer camp works. A volunteer would be treated like a staff member and is expected to set a welcoming and fun atmosphere to campers. They are expected to have a good work ethic, communication skills, enthusiastic, trustworthy and able to participate, assist and be a positive role model with campers.


In order to be a volunteer you must be at least 14 years of age prior to your first week of volunteering.

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